The Environment

How are environmental pages using Facebook to promote an eco-friendly message?

Last updated: March 1, 2020

The Environment


Spend Over Time

First we can see the spend of the most prominent environmental pages on Facebook over time.

4ocean and Sierra Club are the highest spending pages overall, though Greenpeace USA spent $270k in August 2019, as the highest spender in the month.

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Spend By Gender

Now let's take a look at the gender split of the audience (by spend).

We can see that the advertising budget is targeted at a majority female audience. The World Wildlife Fund has the most female audience and the YouthStrike4Climate the least, though still majority female.

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Spend By Age

This chart shows the % of advertising spend shown to each age band.

The Wilderness Soceity has the oldest audience - the majority of advertising is shown to over 45s. YouthStrike4Climate has the youngest audience, with around 75% of all advertising spend shown to under 35s.

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Gender vs Age

Here we can see the average age and % female split for each page.

The Greenpeace USA and Greenpeace UK pages target different audiences - Greenpeace USA targets an older female audience, whilst the UK entity targets a younger and more male audience.

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Amount Spent per Ad

This chart shows the budget of each page broken down by the spend per ad.

We can see that 4ocean chooses to spend more per ad, with over half off all ads running at a spend of over $5000. This contrasts with Friends of the Earth, where almost all ads do not exceed a spend of $1000.

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Spend By Region

This chart shown the % spend by region (drag the map to see spend in the UK).

The state with the highest spend overall is California. The Wilderness Society chooses to spend more proportionally in Washington and Colorado than average.

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Highest Spender By Region

Below we can see the top spending page in each region, by month (drag the month slider to see other months).

We can see that in September 2019, the Wilderness Society dominated the spend in the western states, whilst 4ocean was mostly the highest spender in the more eastern states. In June 2019, Sierra Club was the highest spender in the western states.

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