Lead Data Scientist

London, UK

Lead Data Scientist


Applied Data Science Partners (ADSP) is an innovative data science and AI consultancy based in London. An exciting opportunity has arisen for a Lead Data Scientist to join us.

We are looking for an agile, creative thinker who can contribute to all stages of our data science client projects. This means that as well as developing cutting-edge machine learning solutions, we are looking for someone who can also design data science solutions from scratch and present their team's work in an engaging and informative manner. If you enjoy seeing your work deployed into ‘real-life’ applications, this is the perfect role for you. Not only will your work directly contribute to our client deliverables, but you will have the opportunity to experiment with a range of cutting-edge techniques and deliver full-stack data science projects across a range of industries and geographies.

The Role

• Take a lead role to ensure the successful delivery of data science projects
• Train supervised / unsupervised ML models and apply other analytical techniques
• Utilise cutting edge techniques, such as reinforcement learning, generative AI and retrieval augmented generation
• Complete complex analytics and insight retrieval on client data
• Build processes for extracting, cleaning and transforming data using SQL and Python
• Design data science solutions that meet business objectives
• Present findings to clients through written documentation, calls and presentations
• Contribute to proposals for exciting new data science opportunities

Required Skills

• 4+ years of experience in a data science role
• Degree in a quantitative field such as mathematics, physics or data science
• Excellent scripting and programming ability in Python
• Experienced in applying machine learning techniques (e.g. xgboost, regression, decision trees, neural networks)
• Experience using large language models, or in other areas of generative AI
• Highly proficient SQL and experience with databases (SQL Server, Postgres etc)
• Good understanding of statistics and probability
• Willingness to learn new techniques
• Excellent communication skills
• An eye for detail
• A love of puzzle solving

To apply, please send a copy of your CV to careers@adsp.ai