Behavioural Segmentation

A clear marketing strategy needs to understand the personality of your customers. We segment your customer base by how they behave and how they purchase to create well defined personas for your marketing teams to target.

Behavioural Segmentation

The Challenge

Segmentation isn't just grouping customers by demographic, age or spend.

How do you segment your user base such that each cluster has a clear marketing strategy and well-defined rules that capture the essence of how the group interacts with your business?

The Solution

Our behavioural methodology for creating actionable segments of users or clients is tried and tested across both B2B and B2C markets.

We include data on how your users like to browse, purchase and consume your service to create a manageable number of segments. Each independently describes a facet of your customer base that can be precisely targeted.

We then bring each segment to life with personas and descriptive statistics that your internal teams will be able to understand and get behind.

Behavioural Segmentation
Behavioural Segmentation



Scripts that process your data into a form where our segmentation methodology can work its magic


A fine-tuned segmentation of your customer base that updates automatically, segmenting new users as they arrive and re-segmenting users whose behaviour has changed


We produce detailed documentation describing the membership rules and attributes of each cluster and provide company workshops on how to target and engage each segment

The Outcome

Your company's marketing will be ultra-targeted to each segment and you'll understand how to adapt your product or service to best meet the needs of each cluster.


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