Lead Prioritisation

Your sales people are a valuable resource and their potential should be focused on the most important revenue-generating leads. We analyse your business leads and prioritise them based to support your strategic decisions.

Lead Prioritisation

The Challenge

Your business is generating leads, but you're not converting as many as you would like, due to inadequate prioritisation.

How should you allocate the leads to your sales team, such that long term revenue is maximised?

The Solution

If you have more leads than you can currently handle, or you find yourself wasting time on leads that never convert, we can help. Our algorithms identify the prospects that have the highest chance of conversion and most promising return on investment

We visualise these predictions in an easy to understand dashboard so that your sales team can spend their time being great salespeople, rather than sifting through data

With additional sales workforce data, we are able to show how best to utilise your employees to ensure your long term revenue is maximised



Scripts that collate data from every aspect of your lead pipeline, from initial interest to conversion, to use as a training set for the predictive model.


A model that predicts the converion likelihood of a given lead and expected amount of time to convert.


A optimisation algorithm that matches your sales people to leads to maximise the efficiency of the team.

The Outcome

Your sales team will be better utilised on the most profitable leads, resulting in happier staff and increased turnover.


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