Market Basket

Grouping your products into bundles that work well together can maximise your average order value. Our market basket analysis techniques analyses your data to identify opportunities for product bundles.

Market Basket

The Challenge

You sell your products in packages or bundles, but you're finding that whilst some perform well, others are not appealing to the customer, leading to inventory issues or inadequate sales figures.

What is the best way to group your products or services, to maximise sales?

The Solution

Our market basket analysis reveal hidden links between your products that you never knew existed.

We implement a bespoke market basket analysis on your transactional data to understand exact what your customers want and how best to arrange your products into packages to ensure that every customer finds something that suits their individual needs.

We also analyse your competitors to help you understand where your product offering sits in relation to others in the market and recommend strategies to find the gap, before your competitors do.



Scripts that collate product and sales data into a format that can be used as input into our market basket algorithm


A market basket analysis that provides insight into how to build packages that satisfy a particular customer need and surfaces combinations of your offering that work well together.


A report on competitor pricing and packaging, along with an analysis to identify gaps in the market and strategies for building packages that satisfy unfulfilled customer needs.

The Outcome

Every one of your packages and bundles will be optimised for a particular target user group, enabling you to attract new customers and take market share from your competitors


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