Understanding how user experience on your site relates to customer conversion is vital for improving your conversion rates and user satisfaction. We analyse your clickstream data and build an interactive web based visualisation of metrics tailored to your business objectives.


The Challenge

The first 5 clicks on your website are critical to maximising the likelihood that the user will convert this session.

How can you identify which initial interactions with your site are most likely to result in a conversion and if there are any 'black holes' that drastically reduce the chance that the user will buy?

The Solution

Pathspider is an interactive web based visualisation that not only shows how users are flowing through your website, but also quantifies the amount by which each interaction increases or decreases the chance of a conversion.

You can see immediately where you're leaking potential customers and which parts of your user journey need improving.

The tool is fully interactive and can be easily integrated into the suite of tools used by your marketing, product or development teams.



Your own interactive instance of Pathspider, either installed on your own server, or securely hosted on our cloud based site


Secure connection of Pathspider to your source of clickstream data


Key user cohorts and conversion metrics built into your Pathspider to make it fully tailored to your site and business objectives

The Outcome

You'll uncover the experiences that are causing potential customers to leave your site and what direct action to take to remedy this.


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