People Data Science

Employee mobility naturally arises in a healthy job market, but successful HR strategies should measure engagement and satisfaction across leavers. Our methodology focuses on designing bespoke meaningful surveys to extract sentiment and provide actionable insights.

People Data Science

The Challenge

Employee attrition is healthy for any company, to allow new ideas to develop and grow, but when you are losing too many of your key performers, problems arise.

How can you identify if your employee turnover is too high and if so, what strategies to implement to ensure it doesn't spiral out of control?

The Solution

We can show you how to use the data your business collects through leavers' surveys to identify underlying issues and identify high flight-risk individuals.

Our NLP and text-based models extract common themes and sentiment from your employee feedback surveys and exit interview data, so that you can summarise the core issues that are causing staff to leave.

We also help you implement way of tracking employee engagement and satisfaction quantitatively, so that you can foresee problems arising before it's too late.

People Data Science
People Data Science



Design and build of meaningful employee surveys and exit interviews that ensure you will be able to identify recurring themes from the responses


Models that analyse the free text feedback for key issues and assess the overall sentiment of the responses


A live dashboard that summarises the information into an format that your HR team can action

The Outcome

You'll be able to fix recurring issues highlighted by leavers' interviews and quantitatively decide the best initiatives to invest in to ensure your employees remain motivated and happy at work.


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