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Machine Learning

Machine Learning

We combine cutting-edge algorithms with commercial acumen to create impactful predictive models that allow you to plan ahead.



We optimise your pricing, routing and inventory operations to maximise long-run efficiency and minimise unnecessary waste.



We deliver deep insights into your data, including behavioural segmentation and personalised recommendations.


Data Visualisation

Our tools help you fully understand the health of your business and instantly provide answers to the questions that matter.

Business Analytics

Business Analytics

We understand how to build a robust reporting and analytics layer over your customer, web and transactional data, including automated reporting and alerts.



We build solid foundations for all your data needs by implementing data architecture, transformation and aggregation processes.

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  • Based on our experience, I highly recommend the ADSP team. They built a tool for our business in a phased approach using agile methodology, we were kept up to date with progress on a regular basis and all elements of the project were fully handed over to our team. In addition to their impressive project management, the team's technical expertise set them apart from other consultancies in their field.

    Macy Edwards, Director of Digital Transformation & Innovation

  • ADSP built a system that recommends the optimal number of cars to order, given future predicted demand, visualised in an interactive dashboard. The solution was deployed onto our own cloud architecture, SCSK EU Cloud, with comprehensive documentation provided. The project was delivered in agile sprints, while ADSP was communicating regularly, and consistently delivering high-quality results. We worked together to deliver the final product on SCSK EU Cloud environment to serve to our client. ADSP were easy to work with and we would not hesitate to work with them on future projects.

    Masatoshi Chiba, General Manager

  • From the very first meeting with ADSP, I knew they would be a perfect partner to work with. Their knowledge and flexibility in the approach allowed them to complement our cross-functional approach to digital product development. Over the last year we've collaborated on different aspects of multiple products, and their skills in data science and engineering helped us and our products reach the next level.

    Łukasz Sągol, Head Of Technology

  • We asked ADSP to build an anti-money laundering (AML) model that could identify new kinds of suspicious activity on the platform. They delivered exactly what we needed and more. They had a fresh perspective on long-held challenges, and clearly demonstrated the value of using graph database technology to tackle money laundering. Their creative approach enabled us to quickly prove the value in augmenting our current monitoring systems with pattern detection.

    Jan Philippaerts, VP Compliance Operations

  • We were looking for a way to optimise our territory management, moving away from a 'current sales' based model of ownership. ADSP combined multiple internal datasets with third party data to build a model that predicted the total sales propensity for our whole customer base, along with an explanation for each prediction. Their collaborative approach made it easy to operationalise, making them distinct from other consultancies we've worked with.

    Ian Glover, Director

  • ADSP ran a series of workshops that demonstrated a range of use-cases for streamlining areas such as lead prioritisation, sales forecasting and discounting directly through a suite of easy-to-use dashboards. They also took the time to work one-on-one with our Data Scientists and walk through how our existing dashboards could be improved and enhanced. Overall, ADSP were easy to work with and delivered consistently high-quality results.

    Beatriz Bardisa, Senior Enablement Executive

  • ADSP were able to quickly evaluate and integrate data from multiple sources, with minimal demand on the portfolio businesses. Their machine learning expertise enabled them to rapidly complete multiple proof-of-concepts, ensuring the wider group project could proceed at pace, and prove the value of the combined data sets.

    Alison Collins, Private Equity Director


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