Generative AI system for Order Handling

An AI-enabled order management system crafted for operational excellence, designed to automate email order processing, minimise errors, and boost both speed and customer satisfaction.

Generative AI system for Order Handling

The Opportunity

Our client wanted to revolutionise its order processing system by harnessing the power of Generative AI. With modern multi-modal models being capable of understanding the content of documents, there was an opportunity to trial these models vs. hard coded RPA solutions that struggled with the variations in order formats that customers actually sent.

The objective was to achieve seamless integration with their Case Management (Salesforce) and Order Management (in-house ERP) that would be the foundation for processing an ever increasing percentage of cases.

What we did

Our team developed an AI-powered system to automate order processing, backed by a sturdy, scalable infrastructure for the LLM.
Through iterative development, meticulous testing and deployment, we created a reliable AI solution that streamlined order entry, reduced manual work while giving customer service leaders full visibility over the entire process.
The meticulous development and testing phases culminated in a robust, scalable AI infrastructure that promises to support an increasing volume of automated order handling in the future.

The Results

In just 10 weeks, our team successfully delivered a Minimum Viable Product achieving operational excellence by automating 30% of email order processing without human intervention.

The AI system surpassed our client's expectations by revolutionising order handling with seamless integration and a significant reduction inmanual workload and errors, while simultaneously enhancing customer satisfaction through increased speed and reliability in order processing.


of email order processed without human intervention.

How we did it

Our transformative journey to elevate our client's order processing capabilities through Generative AI spanned a focused ten-week period. We kicked off by assembling a dedicated team of experts and establishing a clear communication strategy to ensure alignment and efficiency throughout the project.
We conducted a thorough analysis of historical data and a deep dive into the existing system APIs, laying the groundwork for a robust system architecture. This foundational step was crucial for understanding the nuances of the order processing workflow and for identifying opportunities for automation.

In the development phase, we constructed an infrastructure tailored to support a state-of-the-art Large Language Model (LLM) specifically designed for parsing emails and verifying data accuracy.

Rigorous testing and continuous refinement were integral to our process, ensuring the model's accuracy and its seamless integration with the client's existing Case Management and Order Management systems. We meticulously fine-tuned the AI's capabilities to align with the client's operational requirements and to facilitate a smooth transition to automated processing.


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