Developing a Data Strategy

An effective data strategy for a online subscriptions business that wasn’t getting value from the data they held.

Developing a Data Strategy

The Opportunity

Our client held large amounts of operational and behavioural data about their product and how their users interacted with it, but were primarily using it for regular and ad-hoc reporting and basic analysis.

They had an extensive team of analysts but they were fully utilised on BAU and short-term, unplanned work.

Our client needed us to take a holistic view of all the data held, tools and technologies in use and how the team was structured to meet the needs of a demanding internal customer base.

What we did

✔︎ Audited and mapped the existing data infrastructure

✔︎ Process mapped all the existing demands on the team

✔︎ Worked with senior functional leaders to develop a data strategy that could support and deliver the wider company strategy

✔︎ Built a mile stoned transition plan to enable the company to move safely from the as-is structure to the new architecture

✔︎ Designed development plans for existing team members

✔︎ Suggested several POCs that drove incremental value using advanced machine learning using their existing data

The Results

The client has a clear data strategy to support the long term growth plans of the business.

BAU work has been significantly reduced, by replacing legacy processes and repetitive tasks with smart automation.

The utilisation of existing data resource has improved significantly, through our delivery of onsite training and implementation of modern tools, driving engagement in the team and providing the business with a strategic advantage over the competition.


Less time spent on BAU activities

How we did it

Our framework can be separated into three sections:

Audit: Understanding current data management, storage, analysis, compliance and responsibilities across the organisation

Strategy & Structure: Independent of the current structure, design a long term approach to data that implements the overall company strategy through a staged delivery plan.

Transformation: Build the delivery plan for how existing tools, roles and responsibilities can be transitioned, and how new tools and processes should be implemented


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