Generative AI Discovery

A bespoke Generative AI integration strategy, aimed at identifying high-impact areas, evaluating readiness for AI adoption, and creating a tailored roadmap to enhance efficiency and streamline business processes.

Generative AI Discovery

The Opportunity

A leading enterprise with varied departments and an extensive client base was keen to investigate the potential of Generative AI to bolster their workforce and operational efficacy.

The objective was to ascertain the added value Generative AI could contribute and to devise a tailored plan for its deployment, guaranteeing a seamless and efficacious integration of AI technologies across the company's activities.

What we did

✔︎ Conducted comprehensive stakeholder engagement sessions
✔︎ Mapped AI applications pertinent to the industry
✔︎ Selected initiatives based on impact and implementation feasibility
✔︎ Crafted a strategic plan with actionable AI integration steps
✔︎ Compiled a detailed report on high-value AI initiatives

Generative AI Discovery


opportunities identified for strategic AI adoption and innovation.

How we did it

Our approach involved structured discussions with organisational stakeholders to grasp their needs and the potential AI impact on their roles. We identified key areas where AI could boost efficiency, maintaining the essential human element.

With our expertise in cutting-edge Generative AI, we prepared a customised report assessing the data management status and providing a clear AI adoption strategy. This included evaluating the organisation's AI readiness, pinpointing the most advantageous AI applications, and outlining a comprehensive strategy for phased implementation.

Throughout, we ensured our recommendations aligned with the organisation's values and staff insights, positioning AI as an augmentative tool to enhance the workforce's engagement in high-value tasks. Our detailed and collaborative approach was designed to ensure the AI solutions recommended would not only increase productivity but also resonate with the core values of the organisation.


From the beginning, the ADSP team excelled in their clear and effective communication with all our stakeholders. Their targeted approach in identifying areas for AI adoption was both comprehensive and customised to address the unique challenges and opportunities within our organisation. This initial project has set a strong foundation, and we're eager to keep working with the ADSP team as we implement findings from the discovery project.

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