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The Lex Fridman Podcast Explorer

What is the Lex Fridman Podcast?

We are huge fans of The Lex Fridman Podcast ( - formerly known as the AI Podcast. In this series, Lex has conversations with some of the biggest names in AI, science and tech - Elon Musk, Eric Weinstein, Jack Dorsey and Richard Dawkins to name a few.

We wanted a quick way to find relevant podcasts on particular topics - deep learning, reinforcement learning, AGI etc., so we built ourselves a dashboard to help and are now releasing this for everyone to use and enjoy.

The chart shows each podcast scored against two metrics - the YouTube likes and the YouTube likes-to-views ratio. The size of the dot is proportional to the duration of the podcast. This way you can quickly find the most viewed podcasts (right) that are most liked per view (top)!

You can also search the introduction and outline of each podcast by typing in the search box (for example, try 'deep learning').

Give it a try! And thank you Lex, for a truly amazing series of podcasts.


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