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Automotive in the age of AI

AI in the automotive industry isn't all about driverless cars. We've seen first hand how machine learning can transform sales, marketing and procurement through the smart application of machine learning and optimisation. At ADSP, we combine deep industry knowledge with technical expertise to help organisations in the automotive sector answer the big questions - for example, what set of car configurations should a car dealership order today to minimise turn time and maximise profits? Read on to find out how.

Executive opinion

How is AI applicable across the automotive industry?

The automotive industry couldn't be better placed to take advantage of the recent leaps forward in AI. Companies on board early are ahead of the game and are reaping the rewards ahead of their competitors. Car dealerships are a good example. Car configuration data is full of structured, well-defined data that can be combined with historical order data to predict demand for new vehicle lines and optimise procurement. When applied correctly, AI turbo-charges automotive businesses and drives huge growth.


Ross Witeszczak
Founding Partner, ADSP


Not only are AI technologies critical for enabling our autonomous vehicles, but they are playing an increasing role in transforming our customer and employee experiences.

VP & CIO, Ford Motor Company

High value AI projects for Automotive

Demand Forecasting

By predicting demand ahead of time for new and existing car models, car manufacturers and dealerships can plan ahead and optimise operations and marketing. We build the demand forecasting module into your existing business processes so that your staff can take advantage of AI driven insights.

Car Dealership

Optimising Car Configurations

There are thousands of possible combinations of features that could be chosen to configure a car. Our powerful machine learning algorithms find the optimal combinations of features (body type, powertrain, colour, options package etc.) to place on a car dealership lot, in order to minimise turn time and maximise revenue.

Woman sat in car


Buying and selling second-hand cars is lucrative industry - especially if you are use machine learning to automatically identify the high-value opportunities. Our automated solution finds online deals for our clients and recommends maximium bid prices for cars that are undervalued online.

Digital Automotive Transformation
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