Working with schools across the UK to unlock data stored inside Google Classroom.


Turbo-charging remote learning

Google Classroom is a free, online remote learning platform used by over 100 million active users worldwide. As learning moves increasingly online, it is crucial that teachers and senior leadership are able to access data that is being captured by Google Classroom, in order to monitor progress and develop targeted intervention strategies for students. We have built the Visualisation Suite for Google Classroom to meet this urgent need.

Key question

How do we get started? Does the data need to move off-site?

We implement the Visualisation Suite for Google Classroom entirely within your existing Google Cloud Platform, so the data doesn't move. It takes just a single day to install the solution - within 24 hours, you'll have full visibility of grade trends, class comparisons and Google Classroom usage statistics from your school at your fingertips.


David Foster
Founding Partner, ADSP


The Visualisation Suite for Google Classroom empowers senior leadership and teachers to get the most from their Google Classroom platform. It is a game-changer for educational institutions.

Google Certified Trainer

Features of the Google Classroom Visualisation Suite


The Performance view surfaces targeted insights focused on attainment, at a school, class and pupil level – for example, grade trending, progress monitoring, intervention recommendations and the attainment highlighter.

School performance dashboard


The Engagement view provides insights into how your Google Classroom platform is being used by students and teachers – for example, the number of assignments submitted, Classroom usage trends over time and last login and interaction times.

Person using education dashboard on tablet

Key reports

The Key Reports view is useful for both teachers and IT administrators. It allows you to quickly retrieve key information such as class lists, courses taught by a given teacher, number of outstanding assignments, a calendar view of upcoming deadlines and many other features.

Classroom using interactive dashboards

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