Improve customer experience, optimise yield and reduce wastage by harnessing the power of machine learning.


Hospitality in the age of AI

Customer satisfaction and yield management lie at the core of the hospitality industry. AI is already disrupting both of these areas, whether through natural language engines for actioning customer reviews, recommendation systems for personalising customer experience or booking systems that dynamically adjust prices given available inventory. See how ADSP uses AI in the hospitality industry to deliver practical systems that deliver measurable impact on the bottom line.

Executive opinion

How can chatbots responsibly improve customer service?

When automating customer service, it is important to build in a feedback loop so that the system improves over time. Natural Language Processing models, the 'brain' behind chatbots, can be designed to respond to user feedback so that they learn from previous interactions. Ultimately, a good chatbot should be designed to handle the majority of incoming queries with ease so that the minority of complex cases can be handled through human interaction.


Ross Witeszczak
Founding Partner, ADSP


Artificial intelligence has been shown to dramatically reduce the need for human assistance when it comes to answering and resolving problems that commonly arise during a guest's stay.

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High value AI projects for Hospitality

Customer Service

Personalised and real-time customer interaction is becoming a norm in hospitality. By leveraging the latest Natural Language Modelling techniques and customer data, we build intelligent chatbots that improve with interaction and adapt to each customer's needs to offer instantaneous satisfaction and ensure long-term customer relationships.

AI in customer services

Data Analytics

The hospitality industry is rich in customer-generated data: reviews, online questionnaires and social media posts are vital for evaluating performance and improving business processes. We build transparent and interactive dashboards that help you assess your data sources and build machine learning models for efficient and effective decision-making.

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Yield Management

We build machine learning models that deliver actionable recommendations for adjusting pricing, maximising occupancy and minimising operational costs. Our modelling is dynamic and adjusts automatically to changes in demand or supply, so that you always sell the right product to the right customer at the right time.

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