Supplement your legal team with powerful AI-enabled search and summary tools, all while ensuring data security for you and your clients.


Powerful AI assistance

AI is rapidly transforming the legal industry, revolutionising document analysis, legal research, contract analysis, and more. It streamlines processes, enhances efficiency, and empowers legal professionals to deliver better outcomes. With advancements in natural language processing and machine learning, AI is poised to continue reshaping the legal landscape for years to come. Legal professionals utilising AI in legal applications are finding more time for critical thinking and strategy, allowing AI for law firms to not just be a trend, but a cornerstone of modern legal practice.

Executive opinion

How can AI tools enhance productivity and efficiency in legal processes?

In law, time is often quite literally money. AI tools, including legal AI chatbots, are powerful productivity boosters with applications across discovery, legal research, document management and more. We have the skills and expertise to navigate the rapidly changing landscape of Generative AI with you, ensuring responsible adoption of new technologies unlocking productivity potential while safeguarding you and clients privacy.


Maddy Clements
Data Science Consultant, ADSP


84% of respondents in the legal field believe generative AI tools will increase their efficiency


High value AI projects for Legal

Document Searching

Legal research is a crucial but time consuming aspect of practicing law. Harnessing AI and NLP we can build tools that help you rapidly search legal databases and related documents, returning results with accuracy and speed beyond traditional keyword searching. This kind of technology enables AI for law firms to revolutionise the way they handle case law and precedents.

Document Searching

Privacy concerns

AI tools are revolutionising workplaces, however, privacy concerns can stop the use of AI technologies in its tracks. We can help you set up legal AI chatbots and AI-enabled tools that will harness organisational efficiency benefits for you while ensuring you and your clients' data remains private and protected.

Privacy Concerns

Summarising documents

By leveraging Large language model powered tools, legal professionals can efficiently analyse and summarise lengthy documents, enabling them to quickly extract key insights and relevant information. This enables focus on critical aspects of a case, make informed decisions, and enhanced productivity.

Summarising Documents

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