Improve customer experience and revenue using personalised recommendations and automated assistants.


Retail in the age of AI

The latest advancements in computer vision and Natural Language Processing have paved the way for sophisticated customer-oriented applications in the retail industry. Personalised services, in the form of visual catalogs, product recommendations and chatbots, can prove beneficial for both customer engagement and revenue. Read on to discover how we use AI to deliver customer-focused applications as well as logistics and inventory optimisation solutions in the retail industry.

Executive opinion

How can AI algorithms offer personalised fashion advice?

Personalised style recommendations are a synergy of different AI techniques. By processing large amounts of labeled and unlabelled fashion-related data, generative models can create thousands of original designs that are predicted to appeal to certain market segments. Computer vision algorithms in the browser are already being used to analyse face shape in order to suggest the perfect pair of glasses or hairstyle in real time.


Ross Witeszczak
Founding Partner, ADSP


The UK’s top eight grocers can prevent £144 million in food waste each year if they use artificial intelligence and machine learning in their supply chains.

Essential Retail

High value AI projects for Retail

Personalised Recommendations

Ensuring that your products resonate with individual customer needs is vital for maintaining high customer engagement. We leverage your customer database to discover correlations between your customers' characteristics and their purchases and come up with revenue-generating recommendations.

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Logistics and Inventory Optimisation

We maximise efficiency and minimise cost in your supply chain by building a mathematical model of your operation to identify bottlenecks. As part of this service, we build forecasting models that help you anticipate variability in the supply and demand of your products and services so that you can plan into the future.

Warehouse optimisation

Behavioural Analytics

We analyse customer transactions and web data to generate insights about your customer base that bring measurable benefits to customer satisfaction and incremental revenue. Our suite of predictive tools uncover hidden customer segments that can be activated through targeted marketing and personalised offers.

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Optimised fruit and vegetables on sale at a supermarket

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