Actionable, interactive insight


The Challenge

You have many business KPIs and metrics but it's difficult or impossible to understand the 'so what?' of the data.

How can you build dashboards and reports that aren't just pretty graphs, but provide actionable insight?

The Solution

Our suite of business dashboards in Tableau or PowerBI include executive, sales, marketing, web, social media, supply chain and dev-ops sections that surface the most relevant information to the user in a way that is clear, engaging and directly actionable.

Anyone across your business, from junior salesperson to C-suite will be able to answer their most pressing questions without having to wait for reports from your analytics team.

We are specialists in this field and were invited to speak by invitation at the Tableau London Conference 2015.



Scripts and ETL pipelines that clean and transform your data into the correct format to be presented in interactive, live dashboards and reports


A suite of business dashboards, in Tableau or PowerBI that surface the business KPIs that matter most to you, with clear flags for any metrics that need immediate action. We also build custom dashboards for any specific purpose.


Setup of user logins, permissions and content groups on the server where your dashboards are installed, and training workshops for the relevant stakeholders on how to use and maintain the dashboards.

The Outcome

Your business decisions will be be supported by high quality, accurate, up-to-date information, allowing you to make the right call, every time.

Looking to run a similar project?

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