Funnel Analysis

Extracting actionable insights from the flow of users on your site requires bespoke and clear-cut analysis. We improve your site’s navigational ease and content quality by analysing your clickstream data and identifying causes of customer conversion and leakage.

Funnel Analysis

The Challenge

Funnels are often simple to visualise but increasingly difficult to understand.

How can you quantify each stage of each funnel, such that it's clear which experiences cause potential customers to leave before purchasing?

The Solution

We model the flow of users around your site using Markov chains and have developed a novel way to turn this analysis into actionable suggestions for UX improvement.

Clickstream data is fed into the system to identify experiences that are causing conversion likelihood to fall, at each funnel bottleneck.

We then produce a comprehensive set of recommendations in priority order, to ensure every aspect of every funnel is optimised and we help your company to understand how best to implement these suggestions.



Setup and definition of funnels on your website, from first contact to conversion, in your web analytics system (e.g. Google Analytics), including visualisation and reporting.


Output from the Markov chain model, which scores each area of your site, on Navigational Ease and Content Quality, which together, explain the impact of each site area on conversion likelihood.


Documentation describing the most important improvements you can make to your site that would generate the biggest impact on conversion

The Outcome

You'll understand what causes users to drop out of each conversion funnel and how to remedy each with our actionable suggestions.


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