The information that you are sharing with the world is only as engaging as the graphics presenting it. We work closely with you to interpret your data and design insightful, beautiful infographics that get your message across.


The Challenge

You have an interesting dataset that deserves an interesting visualisation to tell a story or highlight a trend.

How can you build an interactive or static infographic that makes the data easy to understand and fun to explore?

The Solution

Our D3.js infographics are fully customisable to any chart type and dataset and are designed to be beautiful and informative in equal measure.

Imagination is the only limit - we can either build our own interpretation of your data or you can brief us with a particular design and we can built it to your specification.

We also deploy your infographic onto your website or can set you up a web app to showcase the work.



An infographic built using HTML, Javascript (D3.js) and CSS that can optionally be made interactive, through filtering, tooltips and button actions.


Deployment of the code onto a website or set up of a web app in the cloud / locally that makes the infographic available to the public.


Training on how to customise the colour scheme, attributes and functionality of the infographic so that you can own the work after handover.

The Outcome

An infographic that gets people talking by highlighting the most fascinating aspects of the data in an engaging, intuitive and insightful way.


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