Recommendation Engine

Personalise your cross-selling

Recommendation Engine

The Challenge

Your customers usually only buy single items and often do not return to your store or website.

How can you encourage customers to become repeat buyers, across multiple days and build trust and loyalty to your service?

The Solution

Our recommendation platform uses a combination of product attributes and past purchase data to predict which other products or services are also likely to be appealing to each of your customers.

Using our recommendation engine, a handful of personalised add-on items are presented to the customer at the checkout.

This information can be delivered in real-time as the customer is engaging with your business, or through other marketing channels, such as email.



A recommendation engine, delivered in Python, that constantly analyses your customer base and product offering to check for high-scoring matches


An API that allows your recommendation engine to be plugged directly into your existing systems and business processes


Live reports that describe how your recommendation system is being used by your customers in real-time

The Outcome

Your customers are more likely to purchase multiple times, across multiple days, because they are drawn to the recommended content, providing a more personalised experience.

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