Image Recognition

Enhance your product with image AI

Image Recognition

The Challenge

Your product or service would benefit from automatic categorisation of images, emotion detection or face recognition.

How can you utilise the most recent advances in deep learning to build this functionality into your product?

The Solution

We are experts at building customised image recognition software, either using APIs such as Google Cloud Vision or Microsoft Cognitive Services, or a customised model tailored to your own data.

We can analyse images for attributes including objects, faces, emotion, text and explicit content, or build an model that uses your own categories to label an image.

The output is a confidence score for each potential category and the locations in the image where the objects of interest can be found.



A model that returns predicted attribute scores for each input image, trained either by building upon existing deep learning frameworks, such as Inception v4 or as a custom built neural network.


Installation of the model onto a cloud server and an API through which predictions on new images can be made.


Ongoing support for retraining and enhancing the model and a dashboard to monitor model performance.

The Outcome

Your product will be enhanced by image recognition that utilises cutting edge AI technology.

Looking to run a similar project?

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